About Us

We are a hobby producer of award winning pure Pennsylvania maple syrup.  Our first official sugaring season was 2018, but we can trace our roots back over multiple generations of family that tapped and sugared before us.  

I grew up helping my father make maple syrup on Roseum Farms in Geauga County, Ohio since 1986.  Years of great memories and award-winning syrup inspired me to start sugaring.  

We are based in beautiful Murrysville, Pennsylvania, the gateway to Westmoreland County and the Laurel Highlands.

Why "Sugar Tree Run"?  

Part of the name may seem obvious: "Sugar Tree" because that is a common name for the maple trees that are tapped for syrup.  "Run" has two different sources.  First, "run" is what the trees and sap do on a warm day during the season (e.g., 'the sap is running' or 'there was a big run today'). Second, in our area, a "run" is the smallest stream of water that flows into a creek or stream.  Most of our sugar trees are along a small run that feeds into Turtle Creek.  And hence the name, Sugar Tree Run.

Historical Family Sugar House Pictures
Roseum Farms sugar house, since 1986

Oscar Battles sugar house, circa 1910

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